Entrepreneurship Development

Economic growth will be a key contributor to a developed India and world. iDiya Foundation believes that nurturing innovation and promoting entrepreneurship will make a significant difference to the economy.  So iDiya Foundation endeavors to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship. iDiya Foundation wishes to play a key role in Indian startup ecosystem with a special focus on Hyderabad. Towards this iDiya Foundation organizes regular events and entrepreneur meet ups connecting budding entrepreneurs, seasoned business leaders and investors.

Promoting Entrepreneurship through iDiya.org portal: Entrepreneurship is one of the key focus areas of iDiya.org. iDiya.org regularly publishes news and articles promoting business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Plug and Play office space for startups in Hyderabad: iDiya Foundation also runs a plug and play office space in HITECH City in Hyderabad to encourage startups. Click here to know more about this facility.

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